Colin Craig claims evidence of allegations withheld by Conservative Party

Internal emails between Colin Craig and some Conservative Party board members show the depth of ill feeling in the party.

The face of the Conservative Party has stood aside following dissent within the party over his leadership style and actions. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Craig stood down as leader on Friday after revelations some board members were concerned about aspects of his behaviour.

That includes his relationship and financial settlement with former press secretary Rachel McGregor.

The emails show major disagreement between Mr Craig and board member John Stringer.

Mr Craig insists no formal allegations, evidence or documents have been put to him.

But Mr Stringer disputes that, saying "well Colin, perhaps if you hadn't arbitrarily postponed our Board meeting and our chairman had stood up for his board and the would have heard and seen the documented accusations."

"They were in the folder in Brian's hands while he was with you, and the rest of the Board could have been privy to that too."

In other emails, Mr Stringer says as a former pastor, its "unconscionable" for him to support Mr Craig.

He accuses Mr Craig of lying to the board and of other inappropriate behaviour.

Mr Craig has hit back saying he won't respond to rumours and "bogus and libellous" information.

He says he will fully cooperate with a proper investigation.

Mr Craig also plans to take action against Mr Stringer for speaking to the media.