Colin Craig celebrates win in defamation case against former Conservative Party board member

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig is celebrating winning a defamation case against a former member of the party's board, John Stringer.

The former Conservative Party leader reached a settlement in a defamation case against blogger John Stringer. Source: 1 NEWS

The High Court in Christchurch yesterday issued a judgement confirming that Mr Craig had been defamed by Mr Stringer.

Mr Stringer was found to have defamed Mr Craig in various statements that alleged Mr Craig had sexually harassed his former press secretary Rachel McGregor and one or more other women, and in various statements that alleged Mr Craig had committed business or electoral fraud. 

Mr Stringer has retracted his statements, apologised to Mr Craig and settled the matter by payment of a confidential sum.

Colin Craig must pay nearly $1.3 million in damages after being found guilty of defamation. Source: 1 NEWS

"Oviously I am very happy to have concluded one of the legal battles with a clear and final result," Mr Craig said in a statement.

"There was never any doubt that I would be successful but it does feel good to have reached that point."

Mr Craig's statement said that in 2014 he came under attack from two bloggers, Mr Stringer of CoNZervative Blog and Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater.

In response to that attack Mr Craig had published a booklet entitled "Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas" in which he claimed that the two bloggers had worked together in exchanging information and also that Jordan Williams of the Taxpayers' Union had supplied them with false allegations. 

Mr Craig had announced he would be taking legal action against all three.

Last year a jury found Mr Williams had been defamed by Mr Craig and Mr Williams was awarded $1.27 million, the highest in New Zealand history.