Cocaine bust jury to continue deliberations




An Auckland jury is set to enter its third day of deliberations in the High Court trial of two men accused of attempting to supply cocaine from the largest stash ever seized in New Zealand.

Investigators used every trick in the book to track those allegedly behind the $14m drug haul.
Source: 1 NEWS

Ronald Cook Senior, 56, and 44-year-old Augustin Suarez-Juarez of Mexico were arrested last July after Customs found 35 kilograms of the drug, worth $14 million, inside a glittering horse head sculpture.

Yesterday, the trial's 11 member jury told Justice Sarah Katz it had reached a verdict on one of the men, but was having trouble deciding if the other man was guilty or not.

Justice Katz asked the jury to strive for a unanimous verdict on both men, but gave them the option to reach a majority verdict if needed.

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