Coalition a show of unity as it defends itself against accusations of cracks in the government

It was a show of unity from the coalition government as the Prime Minister today laid out her vision for the coming years to an invited audience of about 400 people.

Over the past month, the government has been struggling with issues surrounding troubled ministers and accusations of cracks in the coalition.

Today's talk was kicked off by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, who called the coalition "a unified government, determined to lift all New Zealanders' prospects".

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was quick to point out accusations of cracks in the government, saying, "perhaps it's because we have never quite had a government like ours that we cause a little bit of chat".

Ms Ardern says the coalition partners have agreed to 12 plans which demonstrate a shared vision and list of priorities, which includes themes of building the economy, wellbeing for all, and leadership.

However, National leader Simon Bridges has claimed today’s talk was "a photo op" and a "rah-rah speech".

"A complete repeat of what they've been saying for the last little while with nothing new at all and what we needed to see was some leadership, some competence," Mr Bridges said.

The refugee quota, labour law changes and the three strikes law are all areas of tension between Labour and NZ First, but today's message was about how their disagreements are all part of a coalition government.

"We are a true MMP government," Ms Ardern said.

But the National party alleges Ms Ardern has no power over Mr Peters.

"Will she be able to get him to sign up to things this government does? We know he's changed his mind a lot on things, he's the real boss," Mr Bridges said.

For now, however, Mr Peters says he is "extraordinarily happy" with the current coalition government.

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    The prime minister laid out her vision for the coming years today alongside her coalition partners. Source: 1 NEWS