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The technology is nothing new, having been around since the 1970s - but it's not just professional sailors mastering the flying boats. Source: 1 NEWS

Poignant homecoming for Sir Peter Blake's former ship in Auckland

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Otago residents left freezing and furious during 7-hour planned winter power cut

Residents in the Central Otago township of Clyde are furious they were left without any power today as temperatures plummeted to near freezing.

But the power outage wasn't an accident.

It was planned maintenance by Aurora Energy to replace its power poles, and the timing has left something to be desired from Clyde residents asking why the work wasn't scheduled for summer.

"I'm really disappointed really. The biggest thing is the lack of consideration for people out there," Clyde resident Trevor Mills said.

"Especially the old people living on their own with no fire. Even if they've got a gas fire they've got no power to fire it up."

Six hundred homes were left without power from 9am till 4pm.

In response to the township’s complaints Aurora Energy released a statement saying:

"We understand the inconvenience that power outages cause, particularly in the winter months, and thank Clyde residents for their patience. This will be the last widespread planned outage for the Clyde township."

Warm relief for Clyde residents these remaining winter months.

With temperatures near zero, locals say an upgrade of power poles in the area should not have been planned for the middle of winter. Source: 1 NEWS