Clones made of journalist Nicky Hager's data to be destroyed by police

Clones of data belonging to New Zealand journalist Nicky Hager will be destroyed at the High Court tomorrow.

Nicky Hager Dirty Politics Source: Breakfast

Mr Hager and his lawyer Steven Price will be present to watch police destroy a hard drive and memory card onto which officers copied materials from Mr Hager's house during a police raid in 2014.

In December last year, the High Court ruled the raid on Mr Hager's home was illegal.

Police were hunting for the identity of the hacker who supplied information for Mr Hager's Dirty Politics book.

The book was heavily reliant on material hacked from the computer of Cameron Slater.

Mr Hager obtained that material from a person whom he promised confidentiality.

His computers and other property have been in sealed containers inside the Auckland High Court building during the court proceedings.

Mr Price will inspect them at court tomorrow to ensure no-one has accessed the property while it was in storage.

Timeline of events

- In September 2015 the police obtained a warrant to search Mr Hager's home as part of their investigation into Mr Slater's complaint.

- Executed warrant on October 2.

- During the search, Mr Hager raised a claim of privilege.

- Police seized and sealed, but did not search, Mr Hager's computers and paper files.

- They were delivered to the High Court in Auckland.

- Hager and his lawyer will pick up the destroyed clones tomorrow.