Climate change activists block streets in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Mirroring their British counterparts, climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion took to New Zealand streets today to protest against climate change and ecological collapse.

The Extinction Rebellion protest in Thames. Source: Supplied.

The group held protests in seven cities today: Auckland, Thames, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The activists called on the Government to declare a climate emergency.

In London, Extinction Rebellion protests have been more severe, with more than 570 arrests made in the past four days as participants tried to shut down parts of the city.

Their Kiwi counterparts took part in more peaceful protest in what they termed "festive non-violent civil disobedience" following Thursday's national environmental stocktake.

The Extinction Rebellion protest in Auckland. Source: Supplied.

According to the group, activists blocked Tamaki Drive in Auckland’s Mission Bay for an hour, except to let ambulances and people with health emergencies through. The area saw widespread climate related flooding in 2014, the group said.

In Thames, protesters marched along the local flood line with a small pink boat with a sail painted with the words, “This is a climate emergency”. People also “surfed” on the street, with skateboards connected to surf boards.

Across Tauranga, members performed at a local jazz festival and placed warning signs across the city identifying where sea levels would be under climate change.

In Wellington, activists blocked central city streets along the waterfront dressed in blue or as sea creatures.

In Nelson, artists celebrated a week of action with a pop-up guerrilla art space.

In Christchurch, protesters marched along the local flood line with a large yellow canoe painted with the words, “Declare a climate emergency”. They blocked roads at traffic lights and pedestrians crossings.

And in Dunedin, members marched through the local farmers market and the centre of town dressed in underwater gear.

No arrests were made over the course of the New Zealand protests.