'The clear thing here is volatility' - latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll released tonight




Some clarity on the extremely erratic poll results over the last few weeks of the election campaign will hopefully be provided in today's 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll, political editor Corin Dann says.

The 1 NEWS political editor says the theme of the past few days has not been to Labour's advantage.
Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking last night, Dann said an extraordinarily unpredictable election campaign has been reflected in wild public swings in voting support.

"The clear thing here is volatility. We have seen an extraordinary campaign for the last six week," Dann said.

"We've seen massive swings in support, for example the Greens, say from 15 down to four.

"So the voters are moving around and that is being reflected in the polls. Some of these polls are done in different time frames.

On September 12, National registered an approval rating of 47.3 per cent compared to Labour's 37.8 per cent in the latest Newshub poll - a 10 point National lead.

It was in dramatic contrast to the last 1 NEWS poll, which registered Labour with a 43 per cent approval rating, giving them a four point lead over National at 39 per cent.

"So yes we are getting two different trends and I think that is confusing. We'll hopefully get a few more answers tomorrow with our poll as well," Dann said.

"But I think it's clear the polls are reflecting the volatility amongst voters."    

Tonights 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll will be released on TVNZ's 1's 6pm bulletin and online at 1 NEWS NOW.

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