Clare Curran situation has 'done real damage' to Jacinda Ardern and Government's credibility - Simon Bridges

The Opposition leader has called MP Clare Curran's resignation from ministerial responsibilities a "badly mishandled" situation that "has done real damage to the credibility" of the Prime Minister and her Government. 

The Opposition leader asked if emails from Clare Curran’s Gmail account on Ministerial business will still be released. Source: 1 NEWS

"Ms Curran has spent months undermining the faith of New Zealanders in the Government and the Prime Minister has let that happen, twice," Mr Bridges said today. 

Ms Curran resigned from her role as Broadcasting and Associate ACC Minister, after she was stripped of Government Digital Services and Open Government responsibilities last month for failing to disclose meetings, twice. 

The Prime Minister said Ms Curran made an "error of judgement" and "supports her" decision. Source: 1 NEWS

"Jacinda Ardern had two chances to show leadership and sack Ms Curran, when she first misled New Zealanders over secret meetings and then when she did it again recently," Mr Bridges said.

Clare Curran appeared rattled in Parliament on Wednesday when asked about the use of her personal email for Government, providing a rambling response to a question from National's Melissa Lee.

"The Prime Minister also needs to explain whether the official emails sent by Ms Curran from her private Gmail account will still be released," Mr Bridges said.

When asked if her Cabinet was stable, after MP Meka Whaitiri also stood down from her Ministerial responsibilities after an alleged staffing incident, Ms Ardern said "absolutely, no question". 

"What we have here is an error in judgment from a politician, from a Minister... these things do happen," Ms Ardern said, on Ms Curran resigning.