Claims Colin Craig slept on Rachel MacGregor's lap while she sung him hymns

Colin Craig's former press secretary admitted today that he fell asleep on her lap in 2011 – but disputed whether she sung Christian hymns to him during the incident.

Rachel MacGregor quit her job two days before the 2014 election. She's also a key witness in a defamation case Mr Craig is defending in the High Court at Auckland.

Mr Craig's lawyer Stephen Mills QC went through correspondence between the pair in court today.

One spoke about an incident where Mr Craig claims Ms MacGregor sung him to sleep with the song Come Let us Worship and Bow Down while Mr Craig was resting on her lap on the couch at her flat.

"He did fall asleep on my lap…and I felt very, very uncomfortable about it," Ms MacGregor said.

Earlier, Ms MacGregor's pay dispute with Mr Craig was also raised.

Source: 1 NEWS

She told the court that on a shared car ride into an early morning interview, Mr Craig told her how he'd gotten to sleep – by imagining lying on her legs.

That disgusted her enough but she says when she tried to broach pinning down an increased pay rate from $60 per hour to more for the election period he refused to discuss it.

That's when she made the decision to resign.

"It was actually just the last straw for me. It was just like you've pushed me too far," Ms MacGregor said.

"I've been vulnerable and trapped for so long, that you're not going to get away with this."

Mr Mills asked Ms MacGregor if it was fair to do that when his client was under pressure as the Conservative Party was on the cusp of passing the five per cent MMP threshold.

Ms MacGregor said it had been months and months that she'd been raising the issue and she hadn't been paid since June. She resigned in September.

The pair's working conditions especially on away trips was also discussed. Ms MacGregor described how Mr Craig would make them stay at his friends' houses – at one there wasn't even a blanket for her and she had to sleep under a jacket.

Mr Mills also introduced a document that spoke about Ms MacGregor's performance in relation to a much laughed at publicity photo of Mr Craig lying in long grass.

Mr Mills read out an excerpt from Mr Craig which talked about feedback he'd received about it from people who were asking: 'Why would your press secretary ever let you be photographed in the grass?'

The lawyer and witness appeared to butt heads when Mr Mills asked if there'd been any history of Mr Craig being "mean" in regards to payments to which Ms MacGregor replied: "Are you serious?"

Later Mr Mills pressed that when Ms MacGregor turned to Mr Craig for help, he did, including paying for groceries.

Ms MacGregor said that was when they'd both been busy and had not had time to sort out timesheets.

The pair also sparred about text messages that hadn't been recovered from Mr Craig's phone in the discovery part of the trial.

Ms MacGregor said it was "convienant" that 90 per cent of her texts to Mr Craig continued but very little of his had been recovered.

To which Mr Mills interrupted: "You're putting a lot of spin on this stuff."

The trial continues.

Source: 1 NEWS