Christopher Luxon gives National voters 'something to look forward to' – Jessica Mutch McKay

Christopher Luxon's emergence as a potential National Party MP bodes well for the party's future, "setting them up later on down the track".

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Jessica Mutch McKay gives her thoughts on the former Air New Zealand CEO’s move into politics. Source: Breakfast

That's according to 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch McKay who gave her analysis on TVNZ 1' Breakfast today after it was confirmed yesterday that Mr Luxon, the former Air New Zealand CEO, has put his hat in the ring to become National's candidate in Botany.

If selected Mr Luxon would go head-to-head with former National MP turned independent Jami-Lee Ross for the seat at next year's general election.

Mutch McKay told Breakfast today that Mr Luxon's announcement potentially "sets them[the National Party] up later on down the track".

But Mr Luxon's not quite there just yet.

"First of all, he's got to be selected. Now, let's say that's a bit of a given. Then, he's got to come into Parliament next year in the election, so that's the end of 2020," she said.

Mutch McKay continued with her thoughts on whether Mr Luxon could become a future leader of the National Party.

"Then, you've probably got to sit in the back benches - whichever government is in power for a couple of years – learn the ropes and then things can start happening and chess pieces can start moving around.

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The much-speculated move was confirmed during an exclusive interview today with 1 NEWS political reporter Jessica Mutch McKay. Source: 1 NEWS

"With all of that said, Simon Bridges and Judith Collins are in the current sphere, and I think this gives them something to look forward to, perhaps, for National voters in the future, so I think that's what we’re dealing with with this."

Mutch McKay said she believes Mr Luxon will be selected as National's Botany candidate, noting that it would be "very silly not to be putting money on the fact that he would".

"It's 60 delegates there who have to choose so they have to do their job, but he's got the credentials there and he's got backing of a rather prominent person in the form of our former prime minister [John Key]."

She said, however, that Mr Ross will give the fight for the Botany seat "a really good nudge".

"What he was very keen to stress is that he's been door-knocking and campaigning," she said. "He's got little bit more time on his hands now that he's an independent MP, so can be spending a bit more time in Botany.

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Our political editor says it's very interesting Christopher Luxon has been named as a preferred PM in the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll. Source: 1 NEWS

"There's not many people who don't know the name Jami-Lee Ross these days - whether that helps or hinders, we'll see - but he's going to give it a nudge."

Mutch McKay noted that Mr Ross is likely to stress to potential voters that he is local to the Botany area, while Mr Luxon "is just coming in to this".

However, Mr Luxon told Mutch McKay last night that he "lived there for 10 years, he grew up there, went to the local schools there, he's still got family connections there, so I think both sides will be playing that up".

She added, "I would imagine if you get nominated, you'll be going to your local real estate agent to look for a house in the Botany electorate reasonably swiftly."

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However, the National leader refused to say who called who. Source: 1 NEWS

Mutch McKay said she gets the sense that Mr Luxon believes he has "the skill-set to make a difference and to do something good for this country."

She noted that Mr Luxon registered at one per cent for preferred prime minister  in the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll, saying "he's registering before he's even walking in the door".

"He'll have a bit of a target on his back, but I’d argue that Simon Bridges had that in 2008 with Winston Peters – he was picked as a future leader back then, too, so let’s see how this all plays out."