Christine Rankin to take on Act in battle for Epsom

The Act Party faces a new hurdle as it tries to win the Epsom electorate with the announcement Christine Rankin is to stand for the Conservatives.

The former Work and Income chief executive is the Conservatives' latest hope for entering Parliament after John Key ruled out any deal with party leader Colin Craig in East Coast Bays.

Ms Rankin, a former Families commissioner, is campaigning for the same votes as Act's David Seymour.

"We're concentrating on Epsom and we're very determined about winning it," she said.

Mr Seymour got a boost this week when Mr Key asked National supporters to give him their electorate vote but Ms Rankin says her campaign slogan is "standing for voters who can make up their own minds".

However Mr Seymour says Ms Rankin's candidacy is a bit of a stunt and "perhaps a bit of a tantrum" from the Conservative Party.

"I'm not sure exactly what Epsom's done to deserve them," he said.

Ms Rankin's candidacy raises the prospect of a three way split on the centre right vote between Mr Seymour, Ms Rankin and National's Paul Goldsmith. But Mr Seymour says Epsom is the most numerate and intelligent political electorate in the country.

"I don't think we're going to be confused too much by Christine Rankin," he said.

Christine Rankin Source: 1 NEWS

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