Christine Rankin changed her opinion of Colin Craig after sext revelations, court hears

The status of a sex text has been put under the spotlight in the defamation case bought by the Taxpayer Union founder against former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

Christine Rankin gave evidence at Mr Craig's defamation case today. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Craig is facing a defamation case in the Auckland High Court, taken by Jordan Williams, a friend of Rachel MacGregor - who quit as Mr Craig's press secretary in 2014.

It relates to comments allegedly made by Mr Craig in a press conference and a $287,000 pamphlet which was sent to New Zealand households.

Former Epsom candidate and party chief executive Christine Rankin agreed with a suggestion from Mr Craig's lawyer Stephen Mills QC that she began to change her opinion of Mr Craig once she heard about the sext via Jordan Williams.

The sex text allegedly sent from Craig to his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor was: "I slept well because I dreamt of being between your [MacGregor’s] naked legs."

However, Mr Mills questioned Mr William's integrity.

"If he told you that he had seen that and he had not [seen the text] would that be something that a person of integrity would do?"

Ms Rankin answered: "I believe that and if it's not true I'd be disappointed."

Mr Mills told Ms Rankin that another witness from the Conservative Party board was expected to say that in light of being told after the meeting that "there was no such sext text…and that the election night incident appeared to be consensual [the witness will say] he had been played by Mr Williams."

The lawyer was speaking of an alleged 2011 kiss between Mr Craig and Ms MacGregor.

Mr Mills then asked Ms Rankin if she felt she'd been played by Mr Williams.

She was brief: "No."

Earlier today Ms Rankin detailed a kiss Colin Craig told her about that he claims to have shared with his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor.

Ms Rankin is the former chief executive of the party. She told that jury that she asked Craig bluntly about the nature of his relationship with MacGregor after hearing mounting rumours.

Craig is claiming $3000 in damages in another court, the High Court in Auckland heard today. Source: 1 NEWS

She said Craig had told her about a kiss the pair had shared dating back to the 2011 election campaign, which his wife Helen knew about. 

He told Ms Rankin that Ms MacGregor was "a very willing participant and could not blame that on him…that was consensual".

Further he "loved her like a sister" and letters that he'd sent to MacGregor he would be happy to send to his sisters.

The former Conservative Party leader is accused of defaming a director of The Taxpayers' Union. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Rankin said she told him that it was "stupid behaviour" and would ruin his career given that publicly he "had put himself at the right hand of God".

"He had told the whole country on a regular basis that he was squeaky clean," she said.

"I used to think he was very decent and moral."