Christchurch's Muslim community still learning to deal with new reality, six months on from attack

It has been six months since the Christchurch terrorist attacks and the Muslim community are still learning to deal with the new reality.

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The Muslim community have been gathering in public and in private today to remember their friends and loved ones. Source: 1 NEWS

“I have learned how to carry the grief and move on," Christchurch survivor Farid Ahmed told 1 NEWS. "I can't forget, but at the same time that sadness is not pulling me back.” 

Experts say the terrorist attack which took place on March 15 has changed the fabric of our society with initiatives like gun reform, the international 'Christchurch Call' against hate speech, and the upcoming Royal Commission of Inquiry creating permanent change.

The Muslim community says it still feels the love and support from the wider public while the Christchurch Foundation charity still holds an additional $11 million.

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It’s been a long and painful six months for many of those who survived the attack. Source: 1 NEWS

“We've received over 18,000 gifts. I actually stopped counting after 18,000 - everything from 30 cents, to multi-million gifts,” Christchurch Foundation chief executive Amy Carter says.

The funds are being spent on medium- to long-term support.