Christchurch's Lancaster Park uneconomic to repair - report

A new report has deemed Christchurch's quake-damaged Lancaster Park uneconomic to repair.

Lianne Dalziel says a decision needs to be made on what to do with the earthquake damaged stadium. Source: Breakfast

The engineering and surveying report from Rawlinson's, presented to the Christchurch City Council, has quoted a figure upwards of $250 million dollars to fix it.

Christchurch City Council will next week decide whether to ask staff to prepare a report on the park's demolition.

Mayor Lianne Dalziell says the news will come as a disappointment to those who'd hoped the venue may have cost as little as $50 million to repair.

However she says the Rawlinson's report makes it clear the venue has sustained permanent and irreversible strain.

The council has spent most of this year completing detailed assessments of the stadium's structures and land to allow it to make an informed decision on the park's future.

She says the council and other interested parties including representatives from Canterbury rugby and cricket, toured the damaged venue yesterday and saw for themselves the significant structural damage.

The Mayor says the cost of recommissioning Lancaster Park as a venue capable of hosting tier one rugby test matches is in the order of $225-$275 million.

A land vesting act, first established as the Victory Park Act 1919, places limitations on the use of the Lancaster Park land, deeming it must be used for rugby, cricket, sports, amusement, entertainment and events.

Dalziell demolishing the existing venue would cost around $20 million.