Christchurch's Fijian-Indian community comes together in prayer for Muslim 'brothers and sisters'

Dozens of members of Christchurch's Fijian-Indian community met last night for a vigil to those who were affected by the shooting - with many of them affected themselves.

Several members of the church had friends injured in the attack, while one member lost his uncle.

Priest Ruprakash Sharma said the memorial service was planned as soon as they heard about the shooting on Friday.

Their church is Hindu, but Mr Sharma said members of his church know those in the Muslim community very well.

"It is not a Hindu or a Muslim situation here. In Christchurch we all live as a family and all our Hindu brothers have been paying regular visits to the hospital and to those families affected," Mr Sharma said.

"Everybody is in a state of shock right now ... We are doing this service on behalf of the Hindu community.

"None of the Cantabrians would have expected such a tragic event to happen in a place of worship or even in any other place here in Christchurch.

"So we were very disturbed - we feel the same pain as our Muslim brothers and sisters are feeling today."

Fiji Indian community member Jitendra Prasad said friends of other members had been injured in the attack, with one having suffered three gunshot wounds.

He and others had been among those who had visited the injured in hospital.

"It is worrying and scary ... but at the same time it also helps the immediate family members of these injured friends of ours - us going and visiting them and giving them that moral support, whatever they need.

"Just standing beside them makes a hell of a difference."

One member of the church, who gave his name as Ronali, said he felt lucky after narrowly avoiding being caught up in the mosque shooting himself.

"I knew that it was time for the prayer and it's really hard to get parking up there ... There was a protest in the city ... and I came to know later that my uncle had died," he said.

"It's very sad because my cousins have lost a father and my aunty has lost her husband as well, so it's very sad for all of us."

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One church member’s uncle was killed in the attack, and members were very close with those who attended the mosque. Source: 1 NEWS