Christchurch's controversial Berlin Wall slabs find a home

Christchurch's inner-city East Frame development will be the new home for sections of the Berlin Wall, the city council decided today.

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Opinion has been divided over the most suitable location for the large pieces. Source: 1 NEWS

The decision comes in time for ‘Section 88’ and ‘Section 143’ to be displayed later this year for the 30th anniversary of the wall’s fall.

The council is still checking for asbestos after traces were found on donated sections elsewhere.

Opinion had been divided over a suitable location for the 3.6-metre-tall slabs, with the council stating in today’s meeting agenda installation was likely to be opposite the Floral Clock in Victoria Square.

Several councillors were against the idea, including Tim Scandrett, who previously described the art as “two large pieces of brutality”.

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Two large pieces of the historic wall are proving contentious as the city decides where to put them. Source: 1 NEWS

A citizen’s lobby group was also set up to protect the park.

Member Grant Edge, a landscape architect, said the wall was too harsh for the square.

The sections feature a Tardis from the TV show Dr Who and pupils’ artwork from a Berlin school for students with learning disabilities. They arrived in Christchurch in April 2017 and have been sitting in storage since.

The sections’ maintenance is estimated to cost $5800 annually.

The Berlin Wall divided East and West Germany from 1961 to 1989 during the height of the USSR’s reign.