Christchurch youngsters produce chicken coops to help feed local community

Some Christchurch youngsters have come up with a unique way to help their own community.

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The Somerfield Junior Youth Group’s installing chicken coops in residential areas. Source: 1 NEWS

The Somerfield Junior Youth Group is building, installing and then cleaning chicken coops in residential areas.

The boys aged 12-17, often work on projects that benefit the community, but wanted to embark on a more long-lasting initiative.

“We find keen hosts, they get to keep half the eggs and the other half goes to people in need... for example the local food pantry and in time, schools who can then pass onto children in need,” said Finn English, the group’s leader.

The team meet every Tuesday evening to work on the coops, and build them out of recycled materials.

A local egg farmer is donating the chickens.

The Youth Group’s already built four coops which have provided more than 400 eggs.

Lianne Magill told 1 NEWS being a host family is great fun, and the free, free range eggs are just a bonus.

“My girls run out to the coop every morning and do little checks and then we let them out and they have a peck around and we feed them all our scraps too which means nothing’s left to waste in our house,” she said.

The group's target is to provide 4000 eggs to the community by the end of the year.