Christchurch woman who overcame Crohn's disease helps other women find work

A Christchurch woman who overcame a debilitating health issue is using her freedom to help women connect with their best selves and to live their best life.

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Coleman says there are some incredible women and men out there that just need a helping hand. Source: Seven Sharp

For a good chunk of her life, Kimberley Coleman suffered from Crohn’s disease, being told by doctors she would never recover.

But, when an Australian drug treated the condition for her, she started a new life, using what she had learnt to help other people.

She began a pilot programme built from scratch and backed by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to help women out of work into employment. 

“When I was younger and I was unwell I was actually on the sickness benefit so I knew how scary it was to interact with normal people, as such,” he says.

Let's Go Wāhine is the name of Coleman’s new organisation and her new passion.

The programme, developed by her and her husband has already transformed the lives of women out of work.

“I could not be more proud of these women, I honestly actually want to cry when I talk about them,” she says.

Regional Commissioner for MSD, Diane McDermott said when Coleman came along, she could see her passion.

“We've got lots of young people on the benefit and it's really important we find lots of opportunities for these young people,” she says.

“There are so many incredible women and men out there who just need a helping hand and someone to listen to their story,” Coleman says.