Christchurch woman hit with $94 fine after accidentally underpaying Wilson Parking 50c

A Christchurch woman was left shocked and stressed after being hit with a $94.44 fine by Wilson Parking after accidentally underpaying the company by 50 cents.


The costs incurred included a fine and Wilson Parking's hiring of a debt collection agency to regain the missing 50 cents, Stuff reports.

Julie Hand had parked at the Hereford Street car park on May 29, where she paid for $12 early bird parking. However, Ms Hand was unaware that the $12 cost for early bird tickets had since risen to $12.50.

She later found a notice on her car billing her $45 for a "breach" of their parking contract, which would rise to $65 if she she refused to pay by June 19. Ms Hand paid the remaining 50 cents online, which was not accepted by the company.

"What started as a 50c underpayment turned into a monster, they were demanding $94.44 dollars," she said.

"I am not a troublemaker, and I am a law abiding citizen." But, she said, "I abhor a bully."

Ms Hand, who works for the Christchurch City Council, was advised by parking wardens not to pay the fine.

The fine was later waived by Wilson Parking's Parking Enforcement Services division on Friday evening.