Christchurch tornado experience like 'reliving the earthquakes', eyewitness says

A witness has described the tornado that swept through Sydenham in Christchurch this afternoon as being "like an earthquake coming through’"

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Timothy Lang was at work at an automotive workshop where windows were “smashing out of cars”. Source: 1 NEWS

Two people have been taken to Christchurch Hospital with moderate injuries after a small tornado touched down in Sydenham just before 2pm today.

Timothy Lang was at work at Lichfield Motors when a noise he heard on the roof turned out to be a freak tornado tore through the area.

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Two people have been hospitalised after wild weather struck Sydenham. Source: Supplied

“It was like reliving the earthquakes again,” Mr Lang told 1 NEWS saying the sound was “like an earthquake coming through”.

He said after going to investigate the noise outside, he was greeted with "windows smashing out of cars, a tree coming down onto the power lines.

“We thought it was hail but there is no way hail could be that noisy,” he said.

He said he was pretty shaken up after initially thinking it was “just a storm coming through”.

“Then the door came flying in on us, so we were trying to hold the door in – yeah we were just wondering what was going on really.”