Christchurch residents battle to keep 'boutique' funeral home out of their street



Seven Sharp

Christchurch residents are fighting to keep a 'boutique funeral home' off their street, as they say it will set a dangerous precedent and cause all sorts of congestion. 

Residents of Rochdale St in Christchurch don't want a 'boutique funeral home' as a neighbour.
Source: Seven Sharp

Rochdale St locals are waging war against Bell, Lamb and Trotter over a house becoming a funeral home in the affluent suburb of Fendalton. 

The battle has been raging for over a year, as residents say the street can't handle more traffic and people. 

Bell, Lamb and Trotter have applied to the city council three times for consent, unsuccessfully. 

Then an independent commissioner gave them the green light. 

Andrew Bell sent Seven Sharp a statement saying the idea for the funeral home is that it will provide a small, discreet and elegant final farewell, and listed a number of concessions he said he had made to keep the community happy.

These include not operating in peak hour traffic.

The residents are having their first protest this weekend. 

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