Christchurch police resource stretched - hunting three fugitives on the run

There are now three separate manhunts underway in Christchurch, putting police under even more pressure, as they hunt for a Black Power affiliate wanted over a hit-and-run.

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A former neo-Nazi gang member, a knife-wielding bank robber and Black Power affiliate wanted over a hit-and-run are in the police’s sights. Source: 1 NEWS

A former neo-Nazi gang member who served time for murder and a knife-wielding bank robber are also wanted.

Thirty armed police have been searching for Liam Strickland, 21, for six days.

He is wanted by police over a fatal hit-and-run which killed Dean Amies, 48, last Wednesday afternoon in the suburb of New Brighton.

Liam Strickland, 21. Source: NZ Police

There are several warrants for his arrest. He is described as being 182 centimetres tall, with dark hair and facial tattoos.

District Commander Superintendent Mike Johnson says police are prioritising the matters and hoping the public will be able to help.

He says police will take "appropriate action" if people are assisting Mr Strickland in evading police.

Mr Johnson says it was a "terrible crime for the family of the victim" and he would appeal for him to come forward to deal with the matter.

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There are now three separate manhunts underway in Christchurch as police resources are stretched. Source: 1 NEWS

Added to the wanted list are Aaron Howie, of the notorious neo-Nazi gang the Fourth Reich and, a hooded, knife-wielding man, wanted over the robbery of a Kiwibank post shop in Parklands on Friday.

Howie has been recalled to prison by corrections.

"It's certainly dangerous, it obviously puts stress on the resources and there'll be a lot of staff involved now, but the day-to-day patrols also come under risk," says Chris Cahill, president of the Police Association.

Cases like these often come down to how much information police get from the public.

"It's limited resources, it's like finding anyone, whether it's a missing person or somebody that's on the run, trying to find someone - it can be difficult to do, so they do rely on the public heavily," says Lance Burdett, ex-police negotiator and former detective inspector.

Police are hoping that with the help of the community, they will get a breakthrough.