Christchurch park rangers trade in old quad bikes for electric motorbikes

Park rangers across some of Christchurch's biggest regional parks are going green, trading in their old quad bikes for electric motorbikes.

The move is part of the city council's push towards being more environmentally-friendly.

Now, the rangers using the zero emission electric motorbikes are calling them a game changer.

"We plant a lot of trees. We try and do save the environment, whether it's insects, invertebrates, birds and everything else, trees, so this is just another leap for us and it's a passion," Christchurch City Council park ranger Jason Roberts said.

The rangers need to cover more than 1600 hectares in the three parks.

The motorbikes have a top speed of 49km/h, and a range of more than 120km/h.

"They are unstoppable - there's not a place we can't get to. And of course, no spillage, no oil, no petrol so if we do drop them, fall them over, there's no spillage, so no environmental harm," he said.

But it's not just their fleet that's gone electric - they're in the process of changing over their tools, too.

"The weed eaters are the one that's made a huge impression for the park users, the public. We're now doing our tracks like we always do, and there's no rattle and stinky two-stoke noise and smoke."

The change is part of the Christchurch City Council's target to be net carbon neutral by 2030.

"We're really wanting to lead in a lot of these areas, particularly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our activities," Christchurch City Council resource efficiency manager Kevin Crutchley said. "That includes those sorts of projects, electrification, but reducing emissions from our activities through being energy efficient."

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The move away from the old gas-powered quads is part of a larger green push from the city council. Source: 1 NEWS