Christchurch pair's late-night office sex romp goes global

News of a Christchurch couple's public late-night office romp has gone global after photos of their amorous activity were uploaded to social media.

The man and woman were caught having sex in the office of insurance company Marsh Ltd on Friday, in full view of patrons at the Carlton Bar and Eatery, some of whom posted pictures and video on Facebook and Twitter.

Britain's Daily Mail said the couple were catching up on more than paperwork.

"The office sex romp took place last Friday night in the Marsh Ltd offices when the two employees left the lights on in the building on Papanui Road while they got to know each other better," it reported.

Meanwhile, Australia's Herald-Sun wrote: "The lights were on as the clothes came off at the Marsh Ltd office in Christchurch on Saturday night, and surprised punters at the busy Carlton Bar across the road had front-row seats for the steamy affair."

It is thought the pair thought they could not be seen through the tinted windows.

Marsh Ltd says it knows who the pair are and is investigating the incident.

Employment lawyer Kathryn Dalziel says there's possible grounds for dismissal, but could prove hard to get the pair fired Source: Breakfast

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