Christchurch mum who lost daughter in tragic crash sees TED talk on resilience make exclusive list

Seven years ago, Christchurch mum Lucy Hone experienced unimaginable loss when her 12-year-old daughter Abi was killed in a car crash, along with her best friend Ella and Ella's mum.

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Lucy Hone's speech, The Three Secrets of Resilient People, made the Top 20 TED Talks for 2020. Source: Breakfast

A director of the NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience, Hone then found a way to take her pain and grief and use it to educate others on finding resilience in the most impossible circumstances.

She's now been named one of the Top 20 TED Talks for 2020 for her talk, The Three Secrets of Resilient People, which has millions of views online.

Hone is the only Kiwi to make the exclusive list.

"It makes something good come from all of that bad," Hone told Breakfast this morning.

She'd been coaching people on resilience since before she lost her daughter, and thought the Christchurch earthquakes 10 years ago would be the moment she put her training to use.

But Hone said it was "absurd" how the timing of her talk came out as Covid-19 kicked off and "obviously it just somehow resonated with people".

"What Abi's death taught me, and from all of the feedback I've had through the work that we do at the institute in the last kind of six years, is that adversity doesn't discriminate," she said.

"It comes and kicks us in one way or another and in 2020 the world went through that experience as well.

"That feeling of kind of common humanity does really bind us and I think whatever, even without Covid, in our work and all the training we do it is so apparent that everybody is struggling and suffering with something.

"We talk about kind of needing to demystify mental health and be actually much more verbal about it, but I think we just need to increase those common connections and realise that we can help each other out a lot."