Christchurch mum battling cancer given boost to tick off bucket list 'and have an absolute ball'




A Christchurch woman with ovarian cancer has been surprised on Seven Sharp with a trip of a lifetime.

This ASB Good as Gold is as emotional to watch as it gets.
Source: Seven Sharp

Christine Moverley was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2014 and husband Louie said, "We were given two years."

"Thought right, whatever time we've got let's just go out and have an absolute ball," Louie said.

In what Seven Sharp's Sam Wallace says is the most emotional shoot he's done yet for the programme's ASB Good as Gold segment, he surprised Christine at work.

"I've heard you're planning the trip of a lifetime," Sam said to her.

Taken aback, Christine said: "We're going to London and my husband just sold his amazing drum kit. That was a huge sacrifice. I'm doing three jobs."

Sam explained: "ASB Good as Gold heard about your story and they wanted to help out a little bit so ASB has paid for everything."

"What? Are you serious?" a now shocked Christine asked.

"Oh my God," she declared as young daughter Sienna handed her the trip package.

"I don't know what to say," Christine said, but prompted by Sienna's "just say thank you", quickly did just that, to applause around the room.

"It's bizarre, but I've probably been more happier since having cancer than before," Christine told Sam.

"For me it's being a role model for her (Sienna) that no matter how tough life can be you've got to look on the bright side. I'm so grateful. That quality time together is really important."

On Christine's bucket list was a trip to Singapore to see the orangutans, a horse ride around Hyde Park, and Paris Disneyland.

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