Christchurch managed isolation star 'Cone Dog' euthanised after biting another dog - report

A dog that rose to recent internet stardom for walking around Christchurch with an orange road cone in his mouth has reportedly been euthanised.

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The unusual sight has been keeping the US Antarctic Program team amused during their 14-day stay in MIQ. Source: Breakfast

Marco the seven-year-old German Shepherd became known as Cone Dog when recent returnees spotted him walking past the Crowne Plaza hotel every other day carrying a large road cone in his mouth.

The dog was an isolation highlight for members of the US Antarctic Program who had been staying at the hotel, and gave him the name Cone Dog.

On his regular walks down to the Avon River with his owner Marco liked to submerge the cone in the water before fishing it out, which is when he and Maggie would make their way past the hotel.

Marco the 'cone dog' illustration by Eric Edwards. (Instagram/@eedwards7891) Source: Breakfast

Sadly Marco had to be euthanised over the weekend after he bit another dog, his owner Maggie told Stuff

She said the other dog was fine, "but Marco would have had to wear a muzzle from now on, which would have meant no cones, and he would have been miserable.”

Marco was such a hit with the US Antarctic Program team they commissioned a portrait of "cone dog" last week.