Christchurch Lotto winner gives half his $20m prize away to family

The Christchurch electrician who won $20 million in Lotto Powerball in last Saturday's draw has already given away half of his prize money to family members in the last week.

"By giving half away, there's no chance I'll go crazy with my winnings ... It'll keep me on an even keel," the man, whose identity has not been revealed, told NZ Herald.

The man who is in 50s bought the $20m ticket from The Hub Hornby in Christchurch but held off on checking if it was a winner until the middle of the week, as he liked pretending he might of won. 

When he found out he had actually won first division he says his first thoughts were that he could now retire.

"You think you know how you're going to react when you get news like that, but to be honest all I felt was this huge sense of relief."

NZ Herald reports the man will use some of his remaining winnings to take his and his partners families on holiday next year. 

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Source: Breakfast