Christchurch issues hurry up for new stadium and sports complex as Government decision imminent

The Government is expected to make a decision on the future of Christchurch's Stadium and Metro sport facility by the end of the month.

A budget blowout of $75 million halted work on part of the project last year while the Government considered its options, including merging the two projects together to cut costs.

But those waiting on the buildings say they're desperate to move things forward.

Crusaders chief executive Hamish Riach says Saturday's hail storm which hit their game with the Sunwolves was a timely reminder that the city is in need of a permanent solution.  

"Seven years and still no timeline and no obvious end to the uncertainty. We think that's now got to the point where the decision makers need to make some announcements and get on with it and let people know when it's coming," he said.

Both the multi-use stadium and metro sport facilities were flagged as key anchor projects for the city's rebuild, but both are now years past their original due date. 

"We are a very large city without the infrastructure to host either large music events or sporting events," said Caroline Blanchfield of ChristchurchNZ, the city's promotion agency.

Since work on the $243 million Metro leisure centre was put on hold, Christchurch has been dropped from hosting future All Blacks Tests and missed out on major crowd pullers like the Ed Sheeran concerts.

"There's a whole host of events that aren't coming here. Yes it's rugby events, but it's also exhibitions and trade shows and a whole host of things that the city could provide for," Mr Riach said.

Saturday's hailstorm during the Crusaders match was a reminder the temporary stadium is no longer up to the job.

"I couldn't help but think when the hail was pelting down and the fans were exposed to those horrendous condition, imagine if that had been the Springsteen concert or the Foos. This city deserves better," Mr Riach said. 

The Government will announce its decision before the end of the month. It's not clear if it'll also announce a time-frame.

A multi-use stadium and metro sports facility were flagged as key anchor projects for the city's rebuild. Source: 1 NEWS