Christchurch dog owners outraged at order to muzzle dogs in their own homes

A group of Christchurch dog owners are outraged after the city council ordered some breeds to muzzled, even in private homes.

In a letter issued to owners of dogs classified as "menacing", the council says unless the animal is in a cage or car it must be muzzled including when it's inside the home.

Angry dog owners have commented on a post on the Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue Facebook page, calling the decision "disgusting", a "joke" and "uneducated and unreasonable".

Many have expressed concern that the muzzles restrict the dogs' ability to breathe, eat, drink, and clean, and expecting it to be worn at all times is "outrageous".

The decision is applied to all Brazilian Fila, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, American Pit Bull, Perro de Presa Canario breeds which are automatically classified as "menacing" under the Dog Control Act.

The letter says the ruling was made in response to "recent serious dog attacks within the city".

Christchurch City Council says they are responding to new legal advice about the interpretation of the Dog Control Act but are now seeking further clarification. 

Since March last year, they have investigated 234 complaints about dog attacks.

Dogs deemed menacing by breed or actions will have to be muzzled at all times, unless they’re in a cage or vehicle. Source: 1 NEWS