Christchurch dinosaur thief warned that prank is about to become a criminal matter

A Christchurch thief has until Sunday to return a stolen raptor, before police get involved.

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The 300 kilogram raptor has vanished from the Dinofest Roadshow at Halswell Quarry. Source: 1 NEWS

The dinosaur, weighing around 300 kilograms, has been stolen from Dinofest at Hallswell Quarry.

More than 25 dinosaurs are on display as part of the educational roadshow that tours the country.

“We have our walking and roaring dinosaurs which are our main attraction, and jurassic walk that features dinosaurs that lived here in New Zealand 70 million years ago,” said Lawrence Taylor, the organiser.

He told 1 NEWS it’s a real shame for the children of Christchurch that one of the dinosaurs has been stolen.

“We suspect someone might’ve had one or two beers and thought it was a good idea.. but we would like it back,” he said.

Lawrence Taylor’s appealing for the perpetrator to anonymously bring the dinosaur back, with no questions asked.

That is because the dinosaurs are tracked, and the organisers can pinpoint its exact location.

A post on Dinofest’s Facebook about the incident’s been shared nearly a thousand times, and has thousands of comments from disappointed Cantabrian’s who’re also calling for the thieves to do the right thing. 

Mr Taylor said if he doesn’t have the raptor back by Sunday, when the sold out event finishes, he will be left no choice but to go to the police.