Christchurch cop on pushbike patrol issues 14 tickets in first two hours


Although it looks like Constable Chris Buckley is simply cycling to work, he is in fact on pushbike patrol.

If you're a driver in the Garden City, Constable Chris Buckley could be coming to a car window near you.
Source: 1 NEWS

And if you're an errant Christchurch driver, he could be coming to a car window near you.

Last month, Constable Buckley thought that policing the city made more sense by bike, an idea that was encouraged by the road policing team.

Constable Buckley said it made catching and speaking with drivers easier.

"Well if I'm in a car and someone goes the other way, I'd have to be pretty sure I'd seen what I'd seen," he told 1 NEWS.

"But if I cycle up next to someone who's stuck in traffic, no seatbelt or texting on the phone, I just tap on the window right next to them.

"They can't really deny it."

Police say bikes are already on the rack for cops on the beat, but Constable Buckley's initiative is a first for road policing.

In his first two hours in the saddle, he issued 14 tickets, from cell phone use to cyclists without helmets.

His bosses expect more officers to hit the streets on two wheels when the weather heats up, peddling their message of safety first to all road users. 

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