Christchurch City councillor accused of inappropriate behaviour denies allegations

The Christchurch City councillor banned from attending any events involving young people after complaints about alleged grossly inappropriate messages to three young people, one aged 13, has denied the allegations in a statement released to media today.

Christchurch City Councillor, Deon Swiggs. Source: 1 NEWS

In the statement, Christchurch City Councillor, Deon Swiggs said he denied "any allegations of misconduct".

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Complaints have led Mayor Lianne Dalziel to temporarily ban the councillor for events involving young people. Source: 1 NEWS

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel earlier today banned Mr Swiggs from attending any events involving young people after a written complaint had been filed about "grossly inappropriate" messages sent by the councillor over a three-year period to three people then aged between 13 and 21.

Mr Swiggs said in the statement today he welcomed a full investigation and would co-operate fully with the inquiry.

Ms Dalziel was first made aware of the messages in May this year. 

Full statement from Mr Swiggs:

I am the Christchurch City Councillor being referred to in the media. I felt it important to identify myself to stop aspersion being cast on my council colleagues.

I deny any allegations of misconduct and welcome a full investigation into any complaints.

I will co-operate fully with the inquiry and hope it will be resolved quickly so Christchurch ratepayers have certainty ahead of voting in the current election.

I will make no further comment at this time.