Christchurch children take up yoga to help with anxiety

One Christchurch woman’s teaching yoga to children in a bid to bring down rising anxiety levels.

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The Ministry of Education is backing the programme which focuses on children’s wellbeing. Source: 1 NEWS

Millie Thompson teaches 40 minute classes to those aged two-10 years of age.

Children learn breathing techniques, poses, acupressure, meditating and practice affirmations.

“I think its so important for children to learn about emotions and how to deal with them right from young so they grow up knowing its normal to talk about your feelings,” she said.

Ms Thompson said Christchurch youth in particular have had it tough. Some dealing with earthquakes, aftershocks and most recently a terrorist attack.

As well as holding private sessions, Ms Thompson’s also been working in pre and primary schools.

The Ministry of Education endorses the programme. In a statement it said it encourages schools to be flexible with the curriculum to include resilience building and looking after mental health.

There are over 600 yoga studios nationwide.

The Exercise Association of New Zealand says there are many reasons yoga’s become so popular, but the big thing is that it is accessible, meaning most people are able to do it.