Christchurch café owner, accused of mistreating staff, takes time off for ‘professional advice’

The owner of a well-known Christchurch café says he will take “a long break” to receive “professional advice” and assess his “fit in the company” after allegations he mistreated staff and job applicants.

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Hundreds of people have come forward on social media with the claims. Source: 1 NEWS

In a post on the now-removed Facebook page, C1 Espresso owner Sam Crofskey said he wanted to “reflect on the conversations of the past week”.

It comes as hundreds of people came forward on social media with claims of misconduct by Crofskey. 

Crofskey rejected specific claims, but accepted overall responsibility.

“During this time I will be taking professional advice around workplace culture and will assess my fit in the company,” Crofskey wrote in the post. 

“I’ve always valued our team, and I want everyone who works with us to feel valued. 

“This has been an immensely upsetting time for everyone.”

He said the past week had been “very challenging” for staff who have had to face “very negative comments”.

Crofskey said he received death threats over the allegations. 

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Christchurch café owner receives death threats amid allegations he mistreated staff, job applicants

The allegations surfaced after a woman posted to a Canterbury University Students Association Facebook page, where she detailed her interview experience and brief time at the cafe and warned others not to apply for a job there.

Others told 1 NEWS they had negative experiences being interviewed by and working for Crofskey.