Christchurch buses get moving again, with physical distancing for passengers

Christchurch’s public transport services will return to regular timetables today, which will see the central city bus interchange reopen.

A bus driver at the wheel.

Physical distancing will mean that a smaller number of passengers than usual can be carried. The number will depend on the size of the vehicle, but will generally be between seven and 11 people.

Stickers have been placed on board to show where passengers can sit to adhere to distancing requirements.

If buses have reached their capacity, the driver will not be able to pick up additional passengers, so Metro is asking caregivers to wait with children at bus stops in case this happens.

Metro is reminding people that travel is still restricted, and is only allowed for movement in your local area, including for those going to work or school, shopping and for exercise.

It’s also urging people to avoid travelling at peak times unless necessary, and if you are travelling, to allow plenty of time to reach your destination to allow for delays is buses are at full capacity.

Every passenger needs to register their trip for contact tracing through an app.

Each bus has a unique ID number, then passengers can head to Ecan’s website to register their details.

Metro School services will only resume when we reach Alert Level 2.

Fares on all services are free under Alert Level 3.