Christchurch barber offers therapy along with haircuts

A Christchurch barbershop might soon become the best place in town for a shave and a share.

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Patrons can share their problems with a trained professional while getting a tidy up. Source: 1 NEWS

Owner and barber Ben Scott said people would tell him all about their worries while they were sitting in his chair, and he wanted them to have access to free advice.

"Some of their friends have just had a baby, someone might have just had a miscarriage, someone just got married, someone just split up with someone, you do really hear a lot," he told 1 NEWS.

So with the help of a professional counsellor, he set up an initiative called the Yarnologists. Instead of booking an appointment with a barber, patrons can instead sit down with someone trained to listen.

"They have a space that is comfortable, and it takes all the intimidation out of it I guess," said Mr Scott.

The service isn’t meant to be a replacement for a mental health consultation, but they offer advice and can refer people to specialised help.

The Yarnologists will be available to speak to for free on Wednesday nights, and appointments can be made through the Benny’s Barber Shop website.