Christchurch Adventure Park stays shut as major fire damage assessed, repairs done


Christchurch's multi-million dollar Adventure Park could remain closed for some time yet, after the Port Hills fires caused serious damage to vegetation and some machinery in the area.

The main road over the summit will open on Saturday, after being cleared of trees that were damaged in the Port Hills fire.
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The 358-hectare Christchurch Adventure Park opened in the Port Hills in December last year and holds the first chairlift internationally to be designed for mountain bikes.

The park also contains mountain biking tracks, ziplines and a village with a café and hireage service.

Christchurch Recovery Manager Murray Sinclair said heavy machinery work is likely to take place during the park's repair and tree felling is a possibility.

"We are asking people to stay away from these tracks while the owners assess the repairs they need to do and get on with that work. This could go on for some time," he said.

The chairlift runs 1.8km from Worsleys Valley up through the Cashmere Forest to the top of the Port Hills.
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Mr Sinclair said the public can use tracks to the east of Dyers Pass Rd, including Bowenvale Valley.

Last Thursday, park management wrote in a Facebook post that it was "great" to be able to get laptops and office files from the site earlier in the week under restricted access from the Fire Service.

Park spokesperson Anne Newman said the park remains in the control of fire authorities and its reopening date is unknown.

Once management are able to access the park, a full assessment of damage will be carried out which will give staff an understanding of how long the park is likely to be closed for, she said.

On its Facebook page, park management asked customers to "bear with" them during this time.

Christchurch City Council announced today that Dyers Pass Rd has reopened after being unsafe for access due to the risk posed from fires in the area.

A speed restriction and no-stopping rule still applies while driving on the road.

"We know what a crucial lifeline Dyers Pass Road is and how much people have been wanting to regain access to the much-loved tracks and park spaces," Mr Sinclair said. 

Summit Rd east of Sign of the Kiwi has also reopened while firefighting continues in the west side of the road.

Halswell Quarry Park, where a Fire Service command centre was set up after the Port Hills fires broke out last month, is now open to the public but there remains no access from Kennedy's Bush track onwards.

Tracks that remain closed include:

•         Top of Harry Ell Track
•         Thompsons Track
•         Old Dyers Pass Road Track
•         All of Christchurch Adventure Park
•         Flying Nun
•         Marleys Hill tracks
•         Kennedy's Track (from Halswell To Summit Road)
•         Crater Rim between Kennedys Track and Cass Peak
•         Ohinetahi track network (Summit Road Society)
•         Worsley Road Track

Christchurch Adventure Park Developer Jay Fry says the potential for the park is unbelievable.
Source: 1 NEWS

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