Chorus says sorry for digging up Auckland woman's driveway entrance


Chorus has apologised for digging up the driveway of an Auckland home and leaving it a mess.

Some strange goings-on in Auckland's posh suburb of Remuera have got one resident feeling perplexed.
Source: Fair Go

Fair Go intervened after Sharon Cross said she was struggling to discover who had dug up the berm and vehicle crossing outside her house.

Ms Cross says calls to Auckland Council revealed no-one there knew who had been digging. 

"What I wanted them to do was tell me who'd done it, what it was for and who was going to clean up the mess, because there was nothing in the letterbox, no call. My name's on the outside of the house so they could have rung me," Sharon Cross told Fair Go.

She says she was advised by the council to investigate herself and come back when she found out who had done it.

Ms Cross says she phoned utility providers with little success. After 10 days there was no sign of a fix or a fixer.

Fair Go followed up and learned berms in our biggest city are controlled by Auckland Transport. The council-controlled organisation was quickly able to pinpoint that telco network provider Chorus had been responsible. 

Chorus had a crew patching the hole within an hour.

It had dug the trench to fix a fault in copper phone lines.

Auckland Transport told Fair Go that by agreement, Chorus can dig without notice in such circumstances, but must make a temporary patch immediately and a permanent reinstatement repair within seven days. It had failed on both counts.

Chorus has apologised to Ms Cross and promised to re-concrete her driveway entrance and make it as good as new at its own cost as soon as possible.

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