Choreographers from the Moulin Rouge holding NZ auditions for the first time - 'It will change their life'

Young kiwi dancers have been putting their bodies on the line today, for a chance to join the cast of a world famous cabaret.

For the first time, the Moulin Rouge has visited New Zealand to hold auditions.

"We have had New Zealand dancers in the past, but it is very difficult for them to come to get over to either Europe or even Australia for the auditions," explains Moulin Rouge Associate Artistic Director Janet Pharaoh.

Now in its 129th year, the cabaret is not only after exceptional talent, but height to match it.

"We do look for the best tall dancers in the world," says Ms Pharaoh.

Males must be at least 185cm tall, females 175cm.

"I tried to Google 'how to make myself taller'" admits dancer Riley Jane.

The dancers are put through their paces by the show's resident choreographer Erik Sorensen

"And then the audition will get technically harder as we go along and I shall whittle them down," says Ms Pharaoh.

The successful dancers will be given the chance to join the cabaret's cast in Paris and perform in front of more than 600,000 spectators every year.

The show's talent spotters say "it will change their life".

If you think you've got what it takes to strut your stuff at the world's most famous cabaret now's your chance. Source: 1 NEWS