Chocalypse Now: Elusive milk drink sparks search frenzy

Forget Marmageddon, does anyone know a place with Lewis Road Whittakers chocolate milk in stock?

Small Waikato dairy company taken by surprise over popularity of its chocolate milk. Source: 1 NEWS

The north Waikato milk producer tasked with making it is pumping out upwards of 20,000 litres a week but still can't keep up with soaring demand.

The Denizen called it celestial, sensational, and a week before it was released to supermarkets predicted the chocalypse: "The only problem we can foresee you encountering is how to get your hands on it," the magazine said.

ONE News' Matt McLean scoured Auckland's supermarkets for the elusive liquid today, both boutique and discount, but came out empty handed from them all.

Farro Fresh's Janene Draper says they've had queues of people waiting for it outside the store.

"Most days it's gone within seven minutes of arriving. We just can't get the stock in fast enough. We're not even actually getting it on the shelf," says Ms Draper.

Despite it all, Lewis Road Creamery says it's genuinely shocked by the milk's popularity.

"In the first week we were making a thousand litres, and we were worried about whether that was too much. We're now up to, i think, 20 odd thousand and we're nowhere near meeting the demand," says Peter Cullinane, co-founder of the dairy company.

In the meantime, Lewis Rd has set up a page on its website listing what supermarkets are due for a delivery of the elusive liquid.