Chinese 'don't feel safe' as video of fight outside Auckland restaurant illustrates their fears

A late night incident at a Chinese restaurant in Auckland has sparked a outcry online from the city's Asian community, expressing concerns for its safety. 

Thousands have voiced fears online that they’ll be robbed, burgled or harassed for money. Source: 1 NEWS

Thousands have voiced fears online that they'll be robbed, burgled or hassled for money. 

The fight erupted outside a Chinese restaurant on Auckland's North Shore last night after the owner evicted a troublemaker she says demanded food. 

The restaurant owner, Jenny Lee is now nursing a bruised eye and bitten leg, injuries she sustained trying to hold down an allegedly drunk woman until police arrived.

"So scary. I have to try protect myself and somebody around me like some kids here - they are quite young - and some grandma here," Ms Lee told ONE News at the restaurant today.

A Chinese New Zealand safety researcher, Dr Andrew Zhu, says it's the latest in a spate of incidents in the city affecting local Chinese.  

And today 8,500 Chinese citizens, residents and students expressed concern for their safety in an online survey which is a first for the Chinese community here.

The message on crime is clear, with 92 per cent of all respondents saying there aren't enough police and 95 per cent saying punishment for criminals is inadequate.

There has been no noticeable increase in Asians been victimised across Auckland - Inspector Shanan Gray, North Shore Area Commander

"Over 64 per cent of people don't feel safe in New Zealand anymore. They perceive this country not being a haven, but a haven for criminals," Dr Zhu said. 

He says many Chinese respondents are afraid to walk the streets of the CBD, parts of North Shore and South Auckland, fearing they'll be robbed or forced to give money to aggressive beggars. 

But police don't believe Chinese are being targeted. 

"What we can say confidently is that there has been no noticeable increase in Asians been victimised across Auckland," said Inspector Shanan Gray, North Shore Area Commander.

One woman has been charged in relation to last night's incident. 

"They're hear probably thinking Chinese are rich people. But, you know, we are just working hard," said Ms Lee who is now considering her future in business.