Chinese businessman Donghua Liu fined over RMA breaches

Chinese businessman Donghua Liu has been sentenced to pay $10,700 for breaching the Resource Management Act.

Donghua Liu appears in court. Source: 1 NEWS

He has also been sentenced to pay $7,125 for breaching the Building Act.

In August Liu pleaded guilty to two charges relating to breaches of consents granted under the RMA for alterations being carried two houses in Auckland.

Liu's lawyer Paul Davison said his client's offending is embarrassing but he had entrusted the oversight of the building work to a project manager.

In his submission, Mr Davison told the court the 53-year-old has been a permanent resident since 2006, has very limited conversation and written ability and "has made his way in the commercial world over the years, he has used an interpreter at all times".

He said his client is an experienced property developer, responsible for developing sites of millions of metres square. He says he made the mistake of hiring a licensed builder who was recommended to him. It was that builder who undertook supervision of the work and that is why Mr Liu has found himself in this situation.

Liu was exempted from attending court today.