'China not Choyna' - Simon Bridges' accent mocked by Winston Peters in Parliament

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters mocked Opposition leader Simon Bridges’ accent today, saying in Parliament he would tell him about China but not "Choyna".

Mr Peters made the statement after Mr Bridges made a motion of no confidence in the Government.

“Can’t even draw and draft a motion to this house properly so it’s acceptable, why does Mr Bridges pick these special debates to publicly humiliate himself?” Mr Peters began.

“Tell us about China,” Mr Bridges could be heard yelling.

“I’ll tell you about China but not Choyna,” quickly retorted, prompting laughter from the MPs in Government, including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“I’m becoming an expert in China but Choyna, I don’t know anything about that country.”

Mr Peters said the clearly stressed Opposition leader was “addled” during his speech and trying to keep the “wolves at bay”, mocking him for using the term free fees.

“You can’t have free fees, it’s fees-free, fees-free, I’ll say it slowly,” Mr Peters said.

Mr Bridges has claimed that the Air NZ flight which was recently refused entry to China may be a part of a deteriorating relationship between the two countries.

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The National Party leader’s comments comes as Air NZ flight was denied entry into China on February 10. Source: Breakfast

Ms Ardern has insisted it was solely a fault on the part of the airline.

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The Prime Minister spoke about the issue on TVNZ1’s Breakfast today. Source: Breakfast