Children's Commissioner slams Government's refusal to ban second hand smoke in cars




The Government's refusal to ban smoking in cars with children inside has been met with criticism by the Children's Commissioner today.

Speaking on TVNZ's Breakfast today, the commissioner, Judge Andrew Becroft said: "There maybe difficulties in enforcing it, but remember, the children don't have a choice.

"For instance, we enforce the ban about using cell-phones in cars, that would be just as hard theoretically to police, but we insist on that."

The Government has refused a petition put forward by the Health Select Committee to ban smoking in cars around children.

Judge Becroft said it was a mystery to him why the Government refused the ban, he thinks it is the "right thing to do" and hopes the Government will reconsider.

The refusal comes despite 97 per cent public support of a ban.

Smoking in cars around children is banned in the UK, South Africa, Australia, most of Canada and parts of the US.

Research shows about 100,000 children in New Zealand are exposed to second hand smoke each year.

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