Children's clothing company admits selling garments with incorrect fire warning tags, if any at all

A New Zealand children's clothing company that imports items from China has pled guilty to selling clothes that didn't have correct fire warnings - if any warning at all.

Goodwear Limited will be sentenced in November for 16 violations of the Fair Trading Act.

Authorities have accused the clothing distributor of selling eight children's clothing items that didn't have any fire warning label and three that had incorrect wording.

"There were 22 garment types which failed to comply with at least one of the consumer information standards, which include care labelling, fibre content labelling, and country of origin labelling requirements," the Commerce Commission said in a statement.

The violations were discovered by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority, which tested items that were purchased by Commerce Commission staff from November 2016 to last September.

Goodwear distributes to outlets throughout New Zealand.

Mandatory product safety standards require that all children's nightwear have proper warnings for flammability when made from fabric that could pose a fire hazard.

Closeup of Children's Clothing on Hangers
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