Children's clothes for hire on new website launched by two Wellington mothers

Two Wellington mothers say they've been overwhelmed with support for a new online business they launched today offering children's clothes for hire. 

How quickly children grow out of their clothes is a common complaint from parents.

As well as being expensive, it's also an environmental issue, and that has prompted Bev Walters and Jess Halley to come up with a solution. 

The pair, who met at an internet course, came up with a website and a business model for a baby clothes library, called Gurgl NZ.

"My mum works in a creche, my girlfriend just had a baby, and they were all talking about how quickly the kids grow," Ms Walters told 1 NEWS.

She said, as someone who loves op-shopping, she wondered where somebody would go to buy op shop baby clothes.

Ms Waters said people have donated clothes for the new business, "and it just blows me away when you compare the prices people are paying for their baby clothes".

Ms Halley added: "So much stuff comes to us that still has the tags on it. It just blows us away".

The women got their inspiration from a Danish company, which makes eco-friendly clothes and hires them out.

And while the women say they'd love to explore eco-friendly options down the track, for now they'll continue doing their bit  to help combat clothing waste, and support families.

As every parent knows, those baby stretch and grows can only stretch so far. Source: 1 NEWS