Children in NZ with disorderly tourist group take off with Christmas tree from Auckland service station

The group of tourists who have been running amok in Auckland and Hamilton have been caught on CCTV taking off with a Christmas tree from a service station early last month.

The incident happened at a Caltex in Albany, Auckland on December 7.

CCTV footage shows two women walking around the shop appearing to hide products about their persons.

While this is taking place, two kids move a small Christmas tree close to the front door before brazenly making off with it.

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1 NEWS reporter Kim Baker Wilson was at the Hamilton District Court. Source: 1 NEWS

Caltex Albany owner Dipesh Patel told 1 NEWS the tourists returned early this year to plunder more of his goods.

"On the third of January they stole energy drinks, rope and sunglasses," he said.

When confronted, 26-year-old Tina Marie Cash who appeared in Hamilton Court today over the incident, told the Caltex staff it wasn't her in the video stealing the goods.

Her lawyer today told the court that Cash doesn't remember shoplifting at the store.

However, when another member of the tourist group was asked by 1 NEWS why her friend stole items from the Caltex she replied: "Because she felt like it".

Cash was charged with stealing Red Bull, rope and sunglasses from the petrol station.

She was ordered to pay $55.20 in reparations by 4pm today. Her lawyer told the court she is able to pay in full.

Police told the court Cash arrived in the country on November 29 on a travel visa.

Cash has been served with a Deportation Liability Notice.

Immigration NZ has confirmed four other travellers were served with a notice yesterday. All of them are here on British passports.