Check on your elderly neighbours, police urge, after two men discovered dead in their Napier homes

Hawke's Bay police are urging communities to keep an eye on elderly neighbours, following two separate discoveries of deceased elderly men in their homes.

The two men were found dead in their Napier homes over the past two months.

Detective Mike Signal has spoken about the importance of regularly checking on neighbours, especially if you haven't seen them for a while.

"As the weather gets hotter and the holiday season begins, it is a good time to reflect on friends, neighbours and family and to make sure of their welfare, especially those who are known to be in poor health and living alone," he told Stuff.

"It's both sad and concerning to police that there are older members of the community who don't have anyone looking out for their wellbeing."

Both men had been in their seventies and were discovered by neighbours, with no suspicion of foul play in the deaths.

One man was found after neighbours noticed an unusual smell, while the other was discovered after the neighbour checked on the man's house after he wasn't seen for a while.

Senior Woman Alone in Dark Room.